K is for Krabi

Someone asked me once, of all the places I had visited, where I would choose to live in my retirement. I instantly thought of the south of Thailand.

A house high on a hill,

looking out over the Andaman sea and the dramatically shaped limestone islands,


a soft tropical breeze cooling the house,

the scent of tropical flowers,

Krabi flowers

the chirp of friendly mosquito-eating geckos, a swishing ceiling fan.

A pool.



Thai food.

Thai friends and neighbours to eat and laugh with.

I made that choice about 10 years ago. I’ve travelled a lot more since then. Harboured dreams of holiday homes in Fiji, Italy Morocco. But the south of Thailand is still idyllic, and still calls to me.

So I recently went back, this time to Krabi. We stayed in a beautiful resort. Enjoyed great Thai service that somehow never seems obsequious, but simply genuine. Maybe that is due to the wonderful Thai sense of humour. We ate great Thai food and I resurrected my surprisingly-not-yet-forgotten Thai language.

And the scenery was simply stunning.

Railay Bay


I think I could handle living there for several months every year in my old age … (or even now) … the living would be easy.

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