Z is for Zurich

I don’t really feel very qualified to write about Zurich. But let’s face it, how many Z options are there?

But I have been to Zurich. Briefly, back in 1991. Our guide book had a recommended walking tour of Zurich. I was keen to do this. But this was at the end of several weeks driving around Europe, and my husband was tired and we had limited time to get to Bonn, our next destination, where we had arranged to meet friends living and working there. So instead of doing a walking tour of Zurich, we did the one-hour Frequently-Breaking-into-a-Jog tour.
Although it was late June, it was chilly and grey in Zurich. It was sleek and oozed money. But there were small and charming cobbled streets, tempting shops with modern goods, watches or scrummy chocolates hidden behind their stone walls. I looked at them wistfully as we raced by.

And that was Zurich. I don’t think we even stopped for lunch. I know it’s supposed to be full of boring bankers, but it looked charming nonetheless. One day I might get back there, and really see it!

And if my photos look a little blurry, or the people look as if they have one too many or too few legs, then that is a result of deleting D from the photos. Though I was tempted to leave him in as revenge.


4 thoughts on “Z is for Zurich

  1. I’m impressed that you can delete people from photos.

    I’ve never been in Zurich. Spent a night in Basel, then took the train to Italy in 1985 but don’t remember much except breathtaking views and the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.


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