N is for Nufenen Pass

“Let’s go on an adventure,” said Wendy, as she greeted me at the airport in Geneva. And so the next morning, we jumped in her Peugeot, and headed for Italy. We decided to drive up the Vallee, and through a lesser known pass – the Nufenen Pass – over to the Italian lakes.

I begged off driving, as I needed at least a day to adjust to being on the wrong (right) side of the road, and so Wendy wound her way through the villages and past the forest displays of autumn colours, up through the hills and mountains, around the hair-pin turns, until we eventually reached the top of the pass. Off the beaten track, there were few other travellers, and we had the views to ourselves, shared briefly with a lone motorcyclist who no doubt enjoyed the thrills of the turns rather more than we did.

This is what we saw. It was worth the trip.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

3 thoughts on “N is for Nufenen Pass

  1. I like the name of the pass, and it is stunning as Indigo has pointed out. I hope you were eating bread and cheese and chocolate while feasting on the view?


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